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 Monday,  February 14, 2011  | THE BLUE PAGE

Empower your Brand with “Daily Deals” to
Increase Listener Engagement

The Daily Deals craze, made popular by Groupon™, is an evolving and significant revenue opportunity for local media companies. In fact, the relationship that exists between local media companies and their respective audiences is a key component to capitalizing on this concept.


Protect your position.

Companies like LivingSocial and Groupon are targeting your local advertisers. These are relationships you built up over years of quality service and results.  Triton Digital Media’s Loyalty Division is offering the software and services to enable traditional media to compete against these companies and earn its fair share of the pie.

For Triton, Daily Deals and group-buying capabilities add more compelling features in an already comprehensive tool set offered to clients. Daily Deal software is available to anyone and does not require that they be an existing user of other Triton products.

Triton “Daily Deals” is the lowest cost solution of its kind.

Stations making use of these features keep the vast majority of revenue generated from local advertisers who participate in the program. The service is available under a revenue-share model with varying splits depending on the service level needs of the client. Some options allow the client and their advertiser to keep over 95 percent of revenue generated by consumers purchasing discounted local offers.

“Given that the segment is now generating more than $1billion in revenue, local media companies want and need to offer their clients Daily Deal and group-based purchasing solutions. But this space has been overrun with unstable startup companies that know nothing about traditional media and have absurd expectations about how much they deserve to keep of each dollar transacted,” said Chris Bell, president of Triton’s Loyalty Division. “Every startup in this space is trying to build their entire business around licensing this technology, which drives the need to charge very high rates.

Jimmy Hendricks, Co-Founder and CEO of San Diego-based Deal Current added, “Deal Current has teamed with Triton Loyalty to redefine the economics of Daily Deal and group-buying technology and services. This partnership will lay a foundation for greater innovation and technological efficiency.”


What’s included?

  • Hosting of all Daily Deal packages, skinned to include your brand
  • All required ecommerce and payment infrastructure to allow consumers to buy offers via credit card
  • Email engine required to deliver offers
  • Easy to use backend admin for offer set up and scheduling
  • Voucher fulfillment to consumer
  • Payment processing to advertiser
  • Consumer support
  • Training


“Daily Deals” is available now. 

For more information about Daily Deals and how Triton Digital can help you capitalize on it, contact

Leading the convergence of technology and media, Triton Digital is a technology company providing the technical infrastructure, media players, database applications, and data products to power media clients around the globe spanning the video-audio-mobile-print spectrum. Triton Digital Media has offices globally and is a portfolio company of funds managed by Oaktree Capital Management, L.P., a leading global investment management firm.


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