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<font size="5" style="line-height:120%">A three book status report on two minute ad breaks.</font>

A three book status report on two minute ad breaks.

The number of stations embracing a low-inventory strategy continues to grow, and many are closely watching Entercom modern rock “107.7 The End” KNDD, Seattle. Its vow to not run more than two minutes of ads in any stopset was one of the first to wade into the territory. Now in its third Nielsen survey, the impact of scaled back spotloads is coming into focus.

A view on spotloads from a former CEO who cut them.

Cox Radio was known for years as the company with the lowest inventory level among the big groups — capped at 8 to 10 minutes per hour under former CEO Bob Neil. It is an idea that’s made a comeback and the programmer-turned-executive thinks it’s not a moment too soon. MORE

Content is a growing selling point for radio.

The blurring of lines between advertising and content isn’t just a growing part of the media game plan for marketers, it’s also a way for radio to showcase its strengths and capture a larger share of budgets. That’s one of the emerging themes at 2014 Advertising Week in New York. MORE

Pittman says social media is creating better radio.

Facebook and Twitter are the modern day listener line says iHeartMedia CEO Bob Pittman, who told a 2014 Advertising Week crowd yesterday not to get hung up on social media as the endgame. “It’s important what’s going through it, not what the platform is,” he said. MORE

Pittman says iHeartMedia a better brand fit.

In politics it’s said that if you’re explaining, you’re losing. The same could probably be said for a media company. Asked yesterday why Clear Channel morphed into iHeartMedia last month, CEO Bob Pitman said his senior executive team concluded it didn’t fit their portfolio’s reach any longer. MORE

Ad research chief: measurement lags consumers.

Whether it’s a stalled rollout of radio webcast ratings or the debate over time-shifted TV viewing, Advertising Research Foundation president Gayle Fuguitt says media number-crunchers aren’t keeping up with consumers. MORE

VerStandig angles to keep royalty-free zone case alive.

VerStandig Broadcasting is asking a federal judge to throw out the recommendation by magistrate recommending its case against SoundExchange be sacked. At stake for the radio industry is the potential to create a 150-mile royalty-free ring for a radio station’s online simulcast. MORE

News-Talk AM loses its FM simulcast.

Market No.268 now has something that market No. 1 can’t claim: a currents-based rock station. In fact it has two of them as iHeartMedia launches “Rock 94.9” using the translator W235BA. It targets Backyard Broadcasting’s rocker WZXR (99.3). The translator had been airing the news-talk simulcast of WRKK/WRAK (1200/1400). Over the past year iHeartMedia has been moving away from giving FM simulcasts to spoken word AMs.

Jay Mohr inks new radio deal.

Without the fan fair of some other actors who’ve jumped into radio, Jay Mohr has seemingly had an easy transition from the screen to the speakers. His three-hour Fox Sports Radio show airs in about 150 cities. Premiere Networks has signed a new long-term agreement that will keep Mohr on radio. “I have always been a huge sports fan, and obviously, I have a difficult time keeping my mouth shut,” Mohr says. “This is a dream come true for me.” Mohr’s show has been in national syndication since January 2013.

Sports USA jumps to Westwood One.

Seventeen months after he settled a lawsuit and agreed to stick out a long-term deal with Ad Large Media, Larry Kahn is taking his Sports USA Media to Westwood One for ad sales when his current contract runs out at the end of the season. As a syndicator of NFL games, Kahn says he’s worked on and off with Westwood One through the years and decided pairing his inventory up with Westwood One’s own NFL ad units is the best play. Both Westwood One and Sports USA broadcast an NFL doubleheader every Sunday afternoon during the regular season. The agreement starts with the 2015 NFL season.

iHeartRadio goes on the road.

The iHeartRadio brand is being attached to an eight-city tour co-produced by iHeartMedia and Live Nation. It will feature performances by up-and-coming artists who’ll also get airplay on local market stations. The tour will make stops in October and November in San Francisco, Seattle, Denver, St. Louis, Detroit, Cincinnati, Boston and Cleveland. The tour is sponsored by the Find Your Grind Foundation, an organization that helps young people break into the music business.


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