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Carpoint BP CarPoint: Radioís Digital Solution
Automotive dealers are spending more on digital each year, while radio spending has decreased. CarPoint will help you reverse the trend. CarPoint combines the power of radio with digital to produce new and used car leads for dealers that advertise on your station. Itís a PROVEN program developed for Radio BY Radio. READ ON


thumbFlat is the new up.Ē For the past 5 years, that has been a common refrain in the radio industry. The latest forecasts indicate 2015 will be more of the same. But, letís be honest, no one really likes flat. We donít like flat tires or flat beer, and we donít like flat revenues either. Advantage Systems can help you put an end to flat! Learn More at The Radio Show: Info Session ďRadioís Revenue Puzzle: What pieces are you missing?Ē presented by Fank Kulbertis from Advantage Systems at The Radio Show in Indianapolis on Thursday, September 11th @1:30 p.m. Room #117. READ THIS WEEK'S BLUE PAGE

Beware of the S.O.S.

bpthumbS.O.S. is the quest to always be in search of the newest, latest, hippest, and hottest ideas and concepts. Like most things, S.O.S. is not bad in moderation. But the truly afflicted are so busy focusing on every new idea that they become unable to focus at all. Eventually they are reduced to the attention span of a goldfish. Speed Marriott, CEO of P1 Learning, explains the effects of S.O.S. and how your team can avoid or even treat the syndrome before it's too late! Good Selling... Read this week's Blue Page Here.

How Social Are You?

BPthumbIn early January, Tim Satterfield joined Point-To-Point Marketing as VP/Digital. Susan Bacich, VP, spoke with him about his transition from radio programming to social media to supporting radioís social efforts. A Forbes article this month cited a report stating as many as 90% of American small businesses are on social media. PDs can feel confident about our SocialBounce services; leveraging todayís two most powerful communication mediums: radio and social media. Read this week's BLUE PAGE

Instant. Local. Retail. Sales. Tool.

Radio2videoBPThumb Imagine being able to show your prospects the demographic and retail spending profiles of the people who live in your radio stationís signal coverage area! Every station has a unique story, but telling that story to local retail prospects has been a challenge, especially for non-rated radio stations. Read the BLUE PAGE Here


Radio2videoBPThumb Back in November, Charlie Sislen wrote a blog about the evolution of brands. It got the attention of Rob Klemm, Point-To-Point Vice President. Rob discussed this blog with the Research Director Inc. partner last month. Local radio broadcasters do not need to be concerned about their international brand. However, they need to protect their brand in their appropriate metro or trading area. They need to either build or maintain their brand in the geography that is appropriate. Read the BLUE PAGE Here

Behind Every Winner is a Great Coach!

Radio2videoBPThumbBehind Every Winner is a Great Coach! Steve Reynolds coaches radioís top talent and has for a dozen years. Heís helped more new shows launch strategically and helped keep more tenured shows fresh and relevant than any other radio talent coach. Your main talent are on the front line of defining the value of your brand. Maximizing that by investing in their strategic growth is the right move. Read the BLUE PAGE Here

Keeping Radio Relevant...

Radio2videoBPThumbKeeping Radio Relevant... Our world is changing fast. Digital choices are rapidly altering the way consumers use media and the way advertisers buy it. Forecasts indicate 70% of all marketing dollars for SMBĀfs will be spent on digital solutions by 2015. How does radio stay relevant in this environment? Read the BLUE PAGE Here

What branding means to our industry now and in the future.

Radio2videoBPThumbTim Bronsil, President of Point-to-Point Marketing, talks with Larry Rosin, Founder of Edison Research, on what this means to our industry now and in the future. "When the radio industry gets together to discuss the future, invariably someone will say: "We need to do a better job of telling our story." Read the BLUE PAGE Here

VirtualNewsCenterô is Your LOCAL Newsroom

Radio2videoBPThumbSince 2005, VirtualNewsCenter has cultivated the right mix of experience, quality, and cost-effectiveness for stations of any size or format. Our mission is to deliver remotely produced local radio news to you and your listeners on-air and online, retaining more listeners and improving your bottom line. Read the BLUE PAGE Here

Carpoint - The Power of Radio for Auto Dealers

Radio2videoBPThumbDo you have automotive dealers in your market that are spending more on TV, digital, and print than in radio? CarPoint is a new product that will turn that around. CarPoint combines the power of radio with digital to produce actual leads for automotive dealers, new and used, that advertise on your station. Itís already PROVEN to work, and was developed for and BY radio. Read the BLUE PAGE Here

NRS Media generates millions in new revenue

Radio2videoBPThumbNRS Media generates millions in new revenue. And the new customers return year after year! Sales Managers are wearing too many hats these days while sales reps are doing everything they can to hit monthly targets. And although it seems like your business is working harder these days, your bottom line is not growing. Read the BLUE PAGE Here

Follow these four steps and youíll be farther ahead than most

PTPBPThumbFollow these four steps and youíll be farther ahead than most. Learn how to "woo" your audience who demands a well-thought-out plan from the start. An affinity development campaign grows barriers against current and future competitors, increases recognition with survey-friendly listeners and makes you a larger part of their weekly consumption. The main objective is to grow your primary, secondary, and tertiary listenersí recognition of attractions that perceptively set you apart from other choices. Read the BLUE PAGE Here

How are stations spending their marketing dollars more effectively?

PTPBPThumb They are communicating more frequently with a smaller group of listeners...they are willing to engage in an on-going dialogue. And, tailoring the message to real interests of their listeners. Tim Bronsil, president, Point to Point Marketing, points out...Donít waste resources on people who have no chance to move the ratings needle. Read the BLUE PAGE Here

New Technology For Serving Radio's Clients

Proof Of Play LLC is capitalizing on its ability to positively identify the buyer and other data of an ad, during the airplay, as it spins-off a host of services for Advertisers, Broadcasters and Listener Interactivity. There is a quantum leap in accuracy of reporting ad clearances. For the first time, ads can be reported back to their buyers with pin-point accuracy.
Read the BLUE PAGE Here

Getting appointments with qualified prospects has never been tougher.

PTPBPThumb You know it. Your salespeople know it. The reality is the explosion of new local advertising and digital marketing options has produced more salespeople than ever before Ė and advertisers are getting really good at evading everyone. Wouldnít be great if good prospects came knocking on your door when they need advice and help from someone who knows? Learn more about the 2012 INBOUND MARKETING FORUM... Read the BLUE PAGE Here


PTPBPThumb FreeStreams provides a revolutionary, turn-key streaming solution that immediately decreases cost and increases revenue. FreeStreams is revolutionary because it does NOT charge broadcasters to use its services. Broadcasters get unlimited streaming, a customizable player and GUARANTEED revenue, among other features. FreeStreams Read the BLUE PAGE Here


PTPBPThumbYES! With the confusing news about our stalled economy it seems strange that anyone would be talking about making money with recruitment advertising. Well, we are. And we have been for 13 years. Maybe youíve heard about and We work with nearly 2,000 radio stations in the US and Canada, building strong local brands that convert unsold inventory into recruitment revenue. Read the BLUE PAGE Here

Simultaneous revenue, sales expertise & audience growth?

PTPBPThumbYES! Sales wants a promotion that clients will buy. On-air wants a promotion that will build audience. Management wants a promotion that will grow revenue and audience, and growing seller expertise would be a bonus. Pipe dream? Not anymore. Revenue Development Resources (RDR) will help you do it all ó simultaneously. Read the BLUE PAGE Here


PTPBPThumbAdvantage Systems, Inc. has a full menu of interactive solutions for local businesses that it includes in its Advantage Plan program. This provides a simple and affordable way for radio stations to not only climb on board the digital bus, but drive it. Read the BLUE PAGE Here

Date Competitors

PTPBPThumbOne of the benefits of direct marketing is the ability to target specific individuals with a branding or tactical message. What does Point-to-Point mean when they advertise ďDate Competitorsí P1s?Ē Tim Bronsil, president of Point-to-Point Marketing, offers his expert insight and solutions with their "Qualified Prospects" program. Read the BLUE PAGE Here

DAVE AND JIMMY Real Life Stories!

DaveJimmy Real life stories seem born from middle-America. "Normal" day-to-day experiences happen in places like Columbus, Ohio, and thatís a big part of what makes THE DAVE AND JIMMY SHOW a winner in the morning. Itís that radio instinct that canít be taught... it is knowing what the audience wants, knowing what makes them tick and also what tickles their collective funny bone, and then bringing these elements to the table every morning. Read the BLUE PAGE Here


Inside Radio talks to Susan Bacich, vice-president of Point-To-Point Marketing, about the transition from working for radio stations to working with radio station partners. Every listener is not equal. At Point-To-Point, our goal is to find the listeners that matter most - those who are survey-friendly and are information seekers. Honestly, working at a station, you often get wrapped up on what needs to happen THAT DAY. Point-To-Point was able to show me opportunities that went beyond what I need to accomplish in the moment. Read the BLUE PAGE Here

More Web Products - Produce More Digital Revenue

ďMore than anything else, radio needs relevant tools that will generate significant revenue online,Ē says Charles Andrew Whatley, VP of Sales and Marketing for MediaSpanís online group. ďWeíve developed more products that produce more revenue.Ē One of the new revenue generation systems from MediaSpan Online is a hyper-local marketing platform called Local Look. Read the BLUE PAGE Here

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