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INSIDE RADIO NEWS from CES 2012 *INSIDER'S EXCLUSIVE* Membership required to view this content.


Consumer Electronics Association forecasts global electronics sales will top $1 billion for the first time ever in 2012. But radio has lots of competition and opportunity as CEA expects 20,000 new products to be unveiled at this week’s trade show. Read the radio-related highlights HERE >>

Study helps crack PPM code.

Who’s top of the heap in Arbitron’s Top Performers study? Stations looking to maximize their PPM ratings performance could learn a valuable lesson or two from a pair of Providence stations based on new analysis of the ratings data.

Study establishes PPM benchmarks.

Ed Koch turned the expression “How am I doing?" into his signature during his tenure as mayor of New York City. A new study by Research Director Inc. sets out to help programmers in PPM markets answer a similar question: “How should I be doing?” The project examined more than 1,700 radio stations in 19 format groups from October 2010-September 2011 to arrive at benchmarks that PDs can compare their stations to.

Study shows Christmas format’s ratings impact.

When it comes to how Americans listen to all-Christmas radio, it’s often a family affair. The holidays are a season when families spend more time together — often with their local all-Yule station providing the soundtrack. A new study shows how that translates when the ratings arrive.

Study: Listeners don’t flee radio ads.

A new study of listener tune-out during spot breaks shows radio to be a commercial-friendly medium that delivers 93% of its lead-in audience during spot breaks. But there are differences in how different demos respond to ads, as well as variances by format.

Study: One-in-five listen to online radio. Membership required to view this content.

The Center for the Digital Future at the USC Annenberg School for Communication looked at how people are using media and the internet. Their research found that 22% of Americans are using the internet to listen to the radio. That’s the same number that now uses the web to pay bills.


<font color="#CC0009"><FONT style="line-height:150%">EXCLUSIVE INSIDE RADIO STUDY</font></font style>

Occupying a position between CHR and AC, hot AC stations strive to be hip enough to attract women on the young end of the 25-54 demographic but not too edgy to alienate women on the upper end. A new study shows reccurrents and musical balance key ingredients in hot AC’s secret sauce.

Radio Faces Growing Groupon Threat

Local radio advertisers are getting called on by the more than 150 companies also in the 'coupon' business.

Radio 2011—Revenue growing

Growth Continues, But Digital and Main Street are Key.

Pandora’s 2011 Playbook: Keep the Growth Arc Going

Advertising is a growing part of Pandora’s future plan.

Forecast 2011: Double-digit online growth. Membership required to view this content.

Radio revenue is currently projected to grow by low-single digits next year, but a consensus of forecasts shows online ad spending is likely to grow at a much faster clip. The digital firm eMarketer projects online advertising will grow 10.5% to $28.5 billion next year. That’s slightly stronger than the 9% increase predicted by Magna Global in its just-updated forecast.

Forecast 2011: Display ads grow. Membership required to view this content.

There’s good news for radio from internet advertising analysts. After several years of massive amounts of cash flowing into paid search — a segment where radio is shut out — the pendulum is swinging back toward website display ads.

CPM gains slightly bigger in December. Membership required to view this content.

The radio industry is getting a rare inside look to the dance between two mega-companies in a way that never occurred even during the merger mania of the late 1990s. It’s also making public a feud between two of the biggest industry players. Cumulus Media confirms it has made a pair of offers for Citadel Broadcasting – and suggests it may be willing to raise its $2.1 billion offer.

Surprise: All-News is #4 for TSL.

After years of diary ratings, many think of news as a high-cume, low TSL format. Yet with three hours and 28 minutes of weekly TSL, the average all-news station ranks fourth out of the 20 formats tracked in the PPM Format Norms 2010 study.

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